Divine feminine

The rituals of the Goddess

The daily connection with the divine feminine energy is the first step towards the awareness of our own divine essence, towards authenticity and magnetism, which make their own light and beauty shine.

The conscious self-care rituals, if repeated every day, have the potential of restoring divinity and radiance into each woman.

Dea con latte detergente

Beauty products are not enough to make you feel beautiful, you don’t see yourself radiant enough…have you ever tried to take care of your inner beauty? 

Reizia takes you by the hand and creates the energetic space to take care of your light. Each cream has both a skin-regenerating physical function and a spiritual function of reconnection with your essence. During your daily skincare routine, Reizia provides you with divine feminine energy and appropriate meditations that help you become more beautiful day after day.


Dusk is one of the two moments of the day with the highest energy, when access to your inner self is easier. Reizia’s dusk ritual is a ritual of realignment to your essence, in which you have the opportunity to conclude the day in a conscious way and to feel gratitude for the received wisdom

Dea in montagna


The first lights of dawn correspond to the other highly energetic moment of the day. It is the moment when we are grateful for the regeneration of the night and we have the opportunity to establish our intention for the day. It is fundamental to start the day on the right foot, connecting with Mother Earth and inviting the energies of radiance, magnetism and vitality.

Dea felice in montagna


This ritual can be done at any moment of the day; we like doing it when we have the time to enjoy the cream spread on our body. This ritual can be done with all Reizia creams, both face and body creams and serums, and develops a feeling of gratitude for our body, which is our temple, and our life.

Abbraccio albero