About us

The founders

Two decades ago, Eleonora and Ilaria were schoolmates in a small town in Trentino, Italy. Later, they took different paths, but they always kept their friendship alive. For years they had the dreamy idea of combining their skills and interests and give rise to a great project together. This idea, which had been dormant for a long time, finally took shape in the summer of 2020.

Dee al lago

Eleonora e Ilaria:
the union of two worlds

Eleonora, after her humanistic studies, specialized in digital and social media marketing through various courses and a master. She then came closer to the world of biological and biodynamic farming thanks to her husband Michele, who, through his passion for his agricultural family business, inspired her to explore these topics and adopt them as a lifestyle.

Ilaria, after her degree in materials engineering, started her adventure abroad, which lasted more than a decade. She moved to the United Kingdom, then to Germany, where she got her PhD, then to Spain and to Qatar, where she worked several years as a scientist at an American university and had the opportunity to travel around many countries of Asia. During her years as a vagabond, she got in touch with different approaches to the spiritual world and, after a sabbatical year on the island of Minorca, she decided that her mission is to bring the divine, the Goddess, back to women

From this synergy, Reizia was born: the union of a biological high-quality product from Trentino and of a spirituality that restores magic and divinity in women in today’s world.