About us

The origins

There was a time when the divinity of all was woman.

For tens of thousands of years, the peoples that adored the Mother Goddess lived in peace and harmony with nature.

mano e fiore

Every season of the wheel of the year was welcomed with a festival, while the season that was ending was thanked and let go, with the awareness that its cycle was over and it had given its fruits.

The natural cycle of the seasons, which implies the death and rebirth of the seed, taught humans to live in a continuous cycle of death and rebirth of themselves, and to appreciate the gift of wisdom at the end of each cycle.

Women were considered sacred, as they were the only ones capable of giving life, the connection between divinity and matter. The womb was venerated as the portal of the divine.

The Mother Goddess was present in all her creations:
The divine was in nature, in the animals and in humans.
And she still is, she never left.

mani e acqua

The name Reizia

Reitia is the name given to the Mother Goddess by the ancient Veneti and Reti, populations of the north-east of current Italy.

It is in her honor that the spiritual beauty company Reizia was born. Reizia with a zi, because the Goddess is alive and present to this day, thus this Latinism was dropped. Another reason is that we wanted to differentiate our skincare company from the Goddess.

Dea montagna

The two pillars of Reizia: divine feminine and alpine nature

The sacred rituals that accompany each jar of cream were developed to reconnect each woman to her inner Goddess, to her vital force, cyclically at dawn and dusk, inviting the energies suitable to that phase of the day.

Reizia’s skincare creams are natural and organic, they come from biological plantations from Trentino, in the North of Italy, in utter respect of nature, and from plant extracts, flowers and officinal shrubs that are rich in active ingredients that nourish and regenerate the skin.

Our divine essence should be nourished and nurtured regularly.
Because the Goddess, Reitia, is inside all of us.

corpo Reizia

The moment of the cream is a moment for yourself, an occasion to nurture your soul. It is an act that is already present in the routine of each woman and we take it as an opportunity to stop and recharge. It becomes a small meditation.

These rituals of conscious self-care, if repeated daily, have the potential to restore divinity and radiance to every woman, which are reflected in her beauty. Our divine essence, our light, must be cultivated and nourished regularly.

We are extensions of the Goddess, and we need to keep the connection with Her alive every day.