Ritual kits and creams

Ritual kits

Reizia’s ritual kits accompany your reconnection moments in the morning and in the evening, creating the most welcoming and empowering energies to align you to your essence. Your skin is nourished with the purest natural essences suitable to the needs of the skin and of the spirit in each moment of the day.

Linea di creme Reizia con fondatrici

Single products

Reizia’s natural creams are composed of raw materials cultivated with the biological method in the agricultural company associated with Reizia in Trentino, Italy. Teroldego red grapes, grapevine sap and the resistant apple Topaz are particularly interesting for the formulation of anti-aging, anti-dark-spot and especially anti-free radicals products. The creams’ formulations are potentiated by other plant-based ingredients accurately chosen by Reizia, because they are similar to our skin and particularly efficient in counteracting the appearance of the typical aesthetic signs of skin aging.

Rituale alba