Grapevine Sap Ritual Kit

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The Grapevine Sap Ritual Kit Reizia comprises all creams and serums containing grapevine sap. This ritual kit is pure energy that inundates the face skin. In spring, the sap that goes up vigorously through the plant and pours from the cuts of the pruning is the unequivocal sign of the vegetative awakening of the vine after the winter rest. This sap, when applied on the face, is impetus and life force, light and vitality for the skin. This precious elisir, which is capable of duplicating the cells of the plant during the recovery from the vegetative activity in spring, is also a precious ally in nurturing and stimulating the skin cells, in restoring the skin luminosity and in reducing the small imperfections of the face skin.

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Grapevine Sap Ritual Kit

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The Grapevine Sap Kit Reizia is composed of the regenerating anti-aging night cream, which invites the energies of peace and quiet and donates the skin the most regenerating active ingredients, of the illuminating anti-aging face serum, which donates vitality and luminosity to the face and spirit, of the anti-aging eye contour serum, which has decongestant effect, and of the revitalizing anti-aging day cream, which facilitates the production of collagen and invites the energy of new beginnings.

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