Regeneration Ritual Kit

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The Regeneration Ritual Kit Reizia combines the dawn and dusk rituals in a single kit. From the physical point of view, this kit includes the best ingredients for a total regeneration and revitalization treatment of the face and body skin. From the spiritual point of view, this kit accompanies us in both the most energetic moments of the day, supporting us in releasing worries and inviting serenity at the end of the day, and awakening the energies of luminosity, sensuality, and femininity at dawn, rendering us magnetic and determined to attract what we desire.

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Regeneration Ritual Kit

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The Regeneration Ritual Kit Reizia is composed of the hydrating cleansing milk, which removes the impurities and worries of the day, of the regenerating anti-aging night cream, which invites the energies of peace and quiet and donates the skin the most regenerating active ingredients, of the nourishing body cream, which nourishes the skin and energetically reinforces the cells of the body, of the illuminating anti-aging face serum, which donates vitality and luminosity to the face and spirit, of the anti-aging eye contour serum, which has decongestant effect, and of the revitalizing anti-aging day cream, which facilitates the production of collagen and invites the energy of new beginnings.

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