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Montagna Terre d'Adige

Located between two mountain ranges, Adige’s valley in Trentino, Italy, is composed by the stream beds of the river Adige and the torrent Noce. This small plain is intensely cultivated with grapevines and apple orchards.

It is a territory particularly suitable for the production of grapes, such as the renowned Teroldego, a well-known red wine produced by autochthonous grapes.

The biological agricultural business owned by Michele Castelli is situated in this plain, and more exactly at the slopes of the mount Paganella. He is Eleonora’s husband, who is the founder, together with Ilaria, of the Reizia bio skincare cosmetic line. This small family business, which produces mainly apples, grapes, and white asparagus, obtained the biological certification in 2012 and is currently converting to biodynamics.

mani e terra

The farming method chosen by our agricultural business allows only the employment of substances present in nature, without recurring to chemistry. It is a production model that avoids the excessive exploitation of natural resources, soil, water, and air.

Embracing Rudolf Steiner’s line of thought, who is the inspirer of the biodynamic agriculture, the agricultural business enters in relation with the surrounding environment, and it is in balance with the terrestrial and cosmic forces, while respecting the reigns of nature and of the beings that live in it.

In biodynamic agriculture, the central element is the human being: its ability to feel the rhythm of the earth, of intuiting its connections, of acting in harmony with it.

Ingredients from our vineyard and apple orchards

From the cosmetic point of view, the line of natural creams was born with the objective of valuing the active ingredients contained in the available cultivations of the biological business associated with Reizia.

Teroldego red grapes, grapevine sap and the resistant Topaz apple are particularly interesting raw ingredients for the formulation of anti-aging, anti-dark-spot and anti-free radicals products, as they are capable of preventing the loss of features of the young skin and face the aesthetic signs of skin aging.

uva nei vigneti
foglie di vite

Grapevine sap, light essence

Each spring, after pruning, we assist to a fascinating phenomenon, known as “the weeping of the vine”. Water is sucked up from the soil through the plant roots, and with impressive energy it climbs up to cicatrize the incisions created by the pruning.

This important nutrient of the plant is also a precious ally of our skin, a concentrate of properties, among which the viniferine, which demonstrated to be sixty-two times more efficient than vitamin C in restoring skin luminosity and in reducing dark spots. 

Because of grapevine sap’s unique properties, Reizia bio skincare decided to include it in the formulation of many of its products: regenerating anti-aging night cream, illuminating anti-aging face serum, anti-aging eye contour serum, revitalizing anti-aging day cream.


Teroldego red grapes, elixir of beauty

Red grapes are among the most important plants capable of helping the skin defend itself, by limiting the damage of skin cells. In each grape, precious substances are contained that provide our organism with undisputed benefits, especially on our skin.

In the seeds and peels of red grapes, a well-known polyphenol, resveratrol, is present, which is among the most powerful antioxidants of vegetal origin present in nature.

Having awareness of the various properties of red grapes, Reizia chose pomace, composed by peels and seeds, to make the extracts used in the formulation of many of its products: regenerating anti-aging night cream, illuminating anti-aging face serum, anti-aging eye contour serum, and revitalizing anti-aging day cream.

Mela Topaz

Topaz apple, ally of the skin

Apple is extraordinarily rich in active ingredients, which are especially appreciated in the cosmetic field, which donate the skin hydrating and tonifying properties

The combined action of the apple’s pectin and enzymes stimulates cell regeneration, maintaining the skin elastic and soft, and preventing the natural dehydration process. The abundance of antioxidants, like bioflavonoids, help fight free radicals, which are harmful for the organism as they favor cellular aging. Besides, the apple peel contains malic acid, an alpha-hydroxyacid present in several fruits and vegetables, which is  especially abundant in apples. It is a precious ally of the skin, both due to its exfoliating action and to its exceptional antioxidant properties.

Among all apple varieties cultivated in the biological agricultural company associated with Reizia, the disease-resistant Topaz apple was chosen, not only for its organoleptic qualities but also for its capability to naturally resist the main apple diseases. Since this apple variety does not need any phytoiatric treatments, the impact on the environment of this culture is much inferior.

For these reasons, Reizia bio skincare decided to utilize the ingredients contained in Topaz apples in the formulation of its hydrating cleansing milk and its nourishing body cream.

Ingredients from our alpine botanical garden

In our alpine botanical garden, officinal plants are sowed, nurtured, and reaped. Precious ingredients are obtained from these plants, which are employed in the formulations of Reizia bio skincare.
Each vegetal species is picked in alignment with its balsamic times and lunar phases, which correspond to the highest concentration of active ingredients in the plant.


Our profound bond with nature and our respect of its rhythms allow us to obtain the most concentrated and effective active ingredients.


Yarrow, concentrate of wellness

Achillea millefolium, commonly known as yarrow, owes its name to the Homeric hero Achilles. According to the legend, passed on by Pliny the Elder, during the siege of Troy, Achilles used the leaves of this plant to heal the wounds of his friends. Yarrow’s flowers and leaves contain various active ingredients, which confer cicatrizing, hydrating, calming, and healing properties to the skin tissue.

Therefore, Reizia bio skincare uses yarrow extract in the formulation of the regenerating anti-aging night cream.

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Calendula, a flower in harmony with Mother Earth and her cycles

The scientific name of this plant, calendula officinalis, derives from Latin calendae, which in the Roman lunar calendar denoted the monthly reappearance of the moon, in reference to the monthly blossom of this plant in the summer season.

Calendula displays various properties thanks to its active ingredients, which confer valuable hydrating, emollient, and lenitive properties. Reizia decided to insert the calendula extract in the formulation of its hydrating cleansing milk.

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Cornflower, delicate relief for the eyes

The scientific name of this flower, Centaurea Cyanus, is linked to various legends. In the first legend, Flora, the Roman goddess of blossom, falls in love with Cyanus, a boy whom she found lifeless in a field full of blue flowers and, for this reason, she gave the name of her beloved to the color, the color cyan.

The second myth recounts that Chiron the Centaur, an expert in medicine, was wounded by a poisoned arrow thrown by Hercules, and healed thanks to the beneficial properties of cornflower.

Reizia employs cornflower in its anti-aging eye contour serum for its decongesting and anti-reddening action to eyelids and eye bags. 

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Ingredients from the dolomitic forest

Trentino’s forests, pastures and meadows offer a great variety of spontaneous officinal plants, which are precious indicators of the ecosystem quality. 
These raw materials are accurately selected, in respect to the cycles of the mountains and without compromising the balance of the natural habitat where they are inserted. The gathering occurs when the plants reach the qualitative standard correspondent to the optimal balsamic time. 

Reizia natura

Recognizing the signs that the mountain disseminates along the paths, in the forests and in the pastures is an ancient practice, still present, which gives us the opportunity to strengthen our relationship with the alpine nature

rosa canina

Rosa canina, wellness chest

In ancient times, dog rose roots were employed as effective remedy in the treatment of rabies, notoriously transmitted by the bite of dogs, herein the name dog rose and Rosa Canina

The “fruits” of this wild plant, the red berries with ovoidal shape that reach maturation in late autumn, the so-called rosehips, are a precious source of vitamin C

Reizia bio skincare, conscious of the exceptional antioxidant virtues of the rosa canina, uses the active ingredients contained in its berries in its revitalizing anti-aging day cream. 

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