About us

Vision and Mission

The women-owned company Reizia has the mission to restore radiance back into women. The line of biological creams was born from the harmonious union of active ingredients extracted from biological plantations and alpine officinal plants and the secrets of a connection ritual with the Goddess within.

Immerse yourself in the alpine nature and find your Goddess

Rituale Reizia

Feminine energy, sensuality, and magnetism

Reizia is a young, woman-owned company from Trentino, Italy, which has created a new beauty concept, spiritual beauty. Spiritual beauty is clean beauty, which is given by a very clean INCI (ingredient list) consisting only of plant-based ingredients. Spiritual beauty is conscious beauty, which is attentive to the all-around well-being of the skin as well as ethical and environmental impact. Spiritual beauty is holistic beauty, which has a more comprehensive approach to a healthy body, mind and spirit. Spiritual beauty, however, goes beyond that.

Reizia’s spiritual beauty is dedicated to restoring the divine into every woman’s life. Its line of organic creams is designed to accompany women’s evening and morning rituals, infusing them with feminine energy, sensuality and magnetism.

On each jar, a mini-meditation is displayed, which attracts the type of energy suitable for that part of the day; calming energy of tranquility and liberation from worries in the evening, and invitation of radiosity and vitality before starting the day.

Reizia natura

Biological method, grapevine sap and alpine landscape

The basis of Reizia’s cosmetic line is grapevine sap and extracts obtained from the red grape and Topaz variety apple, fruits rich in valuable active ingredients useful in nourishing cell vitality and grown on the family farm according to the organic method, and effective in their anti-aging, antioxidant and anti-stain effect.

The creams that compose this natural cosmetic line are enriched with extracts of plants, flowers and officinal shrubs typical of the mountain landscape of Trentino. They were accurately selected according to the active ingredients they contain and were skillfully combined to enhance their effectiveness, and with functional anti-aging ingredients from green biotechnology.

Rituale femminile

Reizia’s vision is to use this line of organic creams to inspire women to have a lifestyle more aligned and tuned to their own cycles and the cycles of nature, leading to a more radiant and glowing beauty.

In the ritual with Reizia’s natural creams, women smear the essence of plants, flowers and fruits on their skin, and immersing themselves in the earth and nature, connecting with Mother Earth. In addition, the divine feminine energy infused into the creams gives vitality and sensuality to the aura.

This line is designed for women who want to reconnect with their life force, with the inner light they feel they have, but often do not know how to nurture, and wish to start cultivating it daily.

Day by day this light begins to radiate more intensely, and is seen externally as a more radiant beauty in the face and in one’s energy.

corpo Reizia

Reizia creams are a tool to stop regularly; skincare is the nourishment of a woman’s temple.

The moment dedicated to the cream acquires the meaning of reconnection ritual with your own inner Goddess.

Rituale di connessione

This daily connection with the divine feminine energy is the first step towards the awareness of your divine essence, towards authenticity, and it is a catalyst for the alignment to your own spiritual self.

This daily attunement to the source of pure pleasure and flow shifts the balances of body and spirit toward greater lightness, magnetism, beauty and self-confidence. In one word: radiance.

Contatto con la natura

Our dream vision

A world where women are nourished by their own vital force and follow their desires.

A world where women live in harmony with their own body and with nature.

A world where women are involved in activities that flow, without the need to force.

A world where women engage in tasks that give them bliss, for which they feel passion and purpose.

A world where women are authentic and do not need to make themselves small or different from who they are.

A world where pleasure is what determines if something is for us or not.

A world where women manifest the reality they desire and know they have the power to create.

A world where women feel beautiful.

donna e natura

This vision starts from a line of natural skincare creams, the first line of Reizia. A new concept of skincare that has the power to catalyze and support the transformation of a woman to the best version of herself.

This is the power of a ritual repeated at dusk and dawn by hundreds of women whose intention is to connect with their own Goddess. In these rituals, which are rich in high-vibrational words, the energies of serenity in the evening and vitality and radiance in the morning are invited

crema corpo

The skincare ritual is a moment of meditation and connection with yourself and your vital force.

Reizia’s skincare line gives women the opportunity to embody every day the Goddess that they truly are, with the profoundly transformative effect of shifting towards a more radiant and vital existence.