According to neuroscience studies, 95% of who we are by age 35 is a set of memorized behaviors and emotional reactions that create our identity. While at conscious level it is easy to memorize notions, at subconscious level it is necessary to act by repetition. The power of the rituals lies in the repetition, twice per day, of nourishing sentences that act at subconscious and energetical level, and it is enhanced day after day also thanks to the physical action of spreading the cream giving attention to our body and spirit.

Yes, the creams are 98% natural and are suitable for your connection with Mother Earth also from your city apartment. The creams are suitable for rituals of grounding that help you materialize your desires on earth, and for rituals of body acceptance. Reizia’s creams bring nature to your house, by spreading them on your body you immerse yourself in nature.

Terms and conditions

You have the right to withdraw from the contract, without penalty, within 14 days from receiving the goods, according to articles 52 and following of the Consumer Code with the exception listed in article 59 of the Consumer Code. In order to comply with the period in which you can exercise your right of withdrawal, you must send to the Owner an unequivocal written statement (registered letter or e-mail to the address orders@reizia.com) of you intention to withdraw from the contract, together with the model withdrawal form filled in all its parts. Within 14 days from the notification to the Owner of your intention to cancel the purchase, you must ship the product together with a copy of the above mentioned model withdrawal form correctly filled. The goods will be considered returned when they will be delivered to the post office or to the courier.

To benefit from the right of withdrawal, you must guarantee that:

  1. the product is intact and whole in all its parts (including the packaging and seal)
  2. the product has not been opened and/or tried
  3. the labels are intact and attached to the product.

Since these are cosmetic products it is necessary to return them intact and complete with all their original packaging. We will not be able to accept returned goods without their own boxes or goods that have been opened or utilized.

For more information regarding the right of withdrawal, returns and refunds, read the Terms and Conditions page on our website reizia.com.

Contact our Customer Care: we will verify the event and the existence of the necessary conditions to open a return procedure.

The shipping costs of the returned goods back to Reizia SRL are at your expense.

The refund is executed with the same payment method utilized in the original purchase transaction: for example, if you used a bank transfer, the amount that you paid will be credited by bank transfer.

The returned goods will be checked by our storage department to verify that they have been returned intact. If the returned goods are intact, the refund occurs within 14 days from the receipt of the returned goods. The goods are considered returned when they are delivered to the post office or to the courier. If the returned goods present defects, we will charge any potential decrease of the value of the goods, refunding only the residual value of the products.

The delivery in Italy occurs within 4-7 working days. The delivery in underprivileged zones could take 1/ 2 days longer than the standard delivery times. In the case of big deliveries, the delivery times can vary. In these cases, we will communicate the predicted delivery times. In EU countries the delivery times will be up to 7 working days.

If the delivered goods are damaged, you should “conditionally accept” the package from the courier and immediately inform us by e-mail to the address orders@reizia.com, attaching the withdrawal/return/exchange form. We will collect the goods and send you new products to replace the damaged ones.

If the number of the delivered goods does not correspond to the ordered ones, you should “conditionally accept” the package from the courier and immediately inform us by e-mail to the address orders@reizia.com, attaching the withdrawal/return/exchange form and possibly a picture of the delivered products. If we confirm the lack of the reported products, we will send you the missing goods.

Raw ingredients

For the scents of our products we exclusively use compositions based on natural essential oils that offer them a special fragrance.

The face serum, the eye contour serum and the day cream were formulated with pomace extracts and grapevine sap, which are ingredients rich in polyphenols that contain protective agents against UV-A and UV-B radiation. We decided not to include additional solar protection filters to our products because natural filters would have been too heavy for the creams and the individual needs (for example the lifestyle, the skin sensitivity, the age, the habits, the location) are too diversified to be properly satisfied.

For our products we use ingredients from biological agriculture, partially cultivated in the biological agricultural company associated with Reizia, but as a new company our formulations have not yet been certified as biological. It is possible to verify the quality of the ingredients chosen for our formulations by referring to the ecobiodictionary on www.ecobiocontrol.bio/en).

The fragrances of natural origin may include some allergens. The list of ingredients (INCI), printed on each product and viewable on our website reizia.com, as defined by the law on cosmetics, lists all allergens present.

Wherever possible we utilize RSPO (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm oil) certified palm oil, the production of which undergoes rigid standards in terms of eco sustainability and impact on nature.

For more information on the right of withdrawal, returns and refunds, read the Conditions of Sale of the Reizia shop.