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Sustainable beauty

mani e acqua

Mother Earth gives us all that we need, She nourishes us every day, and welcomes us in Her temple as Her daughters. The concept of sustainability is a fundamental pillar of Reizia, which promotes harmony with Mother Earth, and contributes to reducing the consumption of natural resources and to preserve the environment as much as possible.

From the first day of its constitution, Reizia has adopted sustainable policies in the various company activities, from production to packaging, promoting circular economy. For its products and materials, Reizia chose the best available eco-friendly solutions, with actions aimed at reducing wastes.

Reizia is inspired by the ideal of sustainable beauty, which puts the health and wellness of people and of the environment first and foremost.

Rituale crepuscolo

Reizia’s packages are made of materials that have the lowest impact on the environment.

Reizia utilizes the minimum indispensable amount of material, eliminating non-necessary elements, such as instruction sheets and secondary packaging wherever not essential.

The packages are composed of recycled materials from renewable sources and are recyclable. Where possible, Reizia opted for mono-material and easily separable packaging to facilitate waste sorting.

vasetti vetro riciclato

The choice of glass for face creams and serums vases

For its day and night creams and for its serums, Reizia employs containers made of 90% recycled glass, 60% of which is post-consumer, combined with other eco-friendly accessories: lids made of 90% recycled PP and a dispenser pump made of a percentage higher than 70% of recycled PP.

Reizia is aware that containers made of glass, if conveniently sorted, can give rise to a new container with the same features, without employing raw materials, treatments, or additives.

Reizia promotes harmony with Mother Earth, contributes to reducing the consumption of natural resources and preserves the environment as much as possible.

flaconi plastica riciclata

Recycled materials for plastic bottles

For its cleansing milk and body cream, for which it is not possible to use glass, Reizia employs bottles made of green PE, which are made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and can be recycled if each component is appropriately sorted.

carta riciclata

Tree-free paper

For its instruction sheets and external packaging, wherever they are necessary for the proper conservation of the product, Reizia employs paper composed of 100% post-consumer recycled fibers, certified by Blauer Engel, which is the result of a green production process that consents extremely low CO2 emissions.

materiale imballaggio riciclato

Ecological materials for shipping boxes

The boxes employed by Reizia to ship its products all over the world are composed of 100% recycled cardboard. To ensure the safety of the product, FLO-PAK NATURAL biodegradable chips are used as filling material.