Immerse yourself in the alpine nature and find your Goddess


REIZIA, the pioneer brand of spiritual beauty

Dea nella natura

Reizia offers a new beauty concept that takes care of each woman’s inner radiance and beauty, which in turn influence outer beauty. Reizia creams are infused with divine feminine energy and offer on their jars affirmations rich in high-frequency words that have the power to restore divinity and vitality to every woman.

Conscious self-care rituals, when repeated daily, make women more beautiful because they give them a real, spiritual beauty that radiates from within.


  • Dawn ritual
  • Dusk ritual
  • Gratitude ritual
The Rituals of the Goddess

Reizia respects Nature and the Earth, which offer us the raw materials. It is in harmony with the rhythms of the seasons and of time.

Abbraccio a Madre Terra

Reizia is extremely careful about the origin of the ingredients that are at the base of its formulations, as well as their quality and purity. Reizia selects them with respect to biodiversity and favors those of natural, biological origin and short supply chain.

Reizia’s formulations contain a minimum percentage of 97-98% ingredients of natural origin, which are not tested on animals, do not contain animal ingredients and are 100% made in Italy.

Reizia’s formulations are rich of natural elements related to our skin, which are capable of maintaining and possibly improving our hydrolipidic film, such as apple and grapevine extracts, derived from biological plantations, plants and fruits extracts originating from Reizia’s botanical garden, oils, waxes and plant-based butters and essential oils.

Naturality and efficacy