Divine feminine

Reizia’s concept

The clean beauty line Reizia introduces a new concept in the evening and morning skincare routine. It is a line designed for women, taking care not only of outer beauty, but also of inner beauty, radiance and luminosity, which in turn influence outer beauty. 

Crema notte rigenerante

Reizia’s creams are infused with divine feminine energy. In addition, Reizia offers on its jars mini-meditations that are rich in highly vibrational words, which have the power to attract the right energies at specific times of the day

The skincare routine becomes a yin moment, a time to recharge your feminine energy, to connect to the divine, a time to start with radiance and magnetism in the morning and end the day with gratitude for the wisdom gained in the evening. Spiritual beauty was born. 

cammino della Dea

Reizia’s line of natural creams offers itself as catalyst of a spiritual awakening, a tool that reminds us that we are an extension of the divine, an extension of the Goddess Herself. 

Reizia’s natural creams have been infused with divine feminine energy in a ritual with Goddess Reitia. Thanks to this energy, they show a good balance between cosmic energy and terrestrial energy.

fiori di prato

The inner Goddess and the value of Reizia

How many times did you plan to meditate every evening? §Or to wake up a little earlier in the morning to have a moment for yourself?
You read about the benefits of meditation on physical and mental health, but how can you do it with all the commitments?You did it once, but it is not easy to be consistent.

So you forgot about it.
And then this idea came back.

Because you know that you are something more than all this. 

Dea e montagne mistiche

You feel a light inside you, it never leaves.
A light that desires to connect with the divine,
with spirit,
with your source.
And with your passion,
with pleasure,
with the flow.

Yet you do not know how to nurture it.
You ask yourself if there is something more than the house-office-commitments routine.
Maybe you put aside your passions
to dedicate yourself to your family.
You are not able to take time for yourself every day.

Every day is the same.
Your light is dimmed.

You are tired, there is no bliss.
But you do not see alternatives.
Sometimes pleasure comes.
Like a reward.
Maybe on weekends.
Maybe one evening per week.
And you wait for it as a blessing.
It is the reason to stay afloat.
To go on.

Dea sul lago

How would it be instead
if you found pleasure in everything you did?
How would you live
if you woke up at dawn excited to act?
How would it be
if at the beginning of the day you decided to embody the role of a Goddess?

Still, how can I be a Goddess?
A Goddess who must be tactful with bosses and colleagues despite her own authenticity?
A Goddess who has fantastic ideas that often do not get listened to
because she cannot express them in the right way or with the right voice?

Yes. You. You are a Goddess

fiori autunnali

A Goddess who forgot her origins.
Who forgot her power.
Her radiance.
Her sensuality.

Who forgot how to be herself.
Who made herself small.
Who tried to respect the rules.
Who put others before herself.
Who does not know how to set boundaries.
You did it for valid reasons.
To keep your job.
To take care of a child.
For the sake of peace in the family.
Because it was temporary and then things were supposed to change.
Because you did not believe you had a choice.

Fiori di pesco

Your inner child is crying.

Your life force has been dimmed.
Your emotions have been submerged deeper and deeper in your subconscious.

Dea in montagna trentina 2

And you got used to it.

You became anesthetized.
It does not even hurt that much.
It is ok.
After all, what can you complain about?
You have a roof above your head, a job, a family.
According to friends and relatives you are settled down.

Yet you feel something is missing.

The light you were displaying as a child has not been shining in a while.

donna e foglia

Your routine has become boring, mechanical.
You miss the passion.
You ask yourself what the sense of all this is.
What more do you wish for yourself?
What are you looking for?
What else is there?

I have been there.
And I can assure you it is true.

Something is truly missing.
Your intuition is not wrong.
Your emotions are not betraying you.

Something more exists. 
Something immaterial, 
Something that we were never taught to have and cultivate in our life. 

mani terra e vita

On the contrary.
For centuries it has been repressed.
For fear of its power.
And we learned to suppress it.

This something is the connection with your inner Goddess.

Dea pietre e boschi

With the Mother Goddess.
With the divine.
With your higher self.
With your soul.
With your authentic self.
The awareness that you are an extension of divinity itself.
And thus, you are yourself a Goddess.

The connection with your source is your birthright.
It is the source of your ideas.
The blueprint of your DNA.
Your uniqueness.

Now it is the time.
All the cells of your body shout that it is time.

Dea nella natura foliage

It is time to change.
It is time to reconnect with the divine.
It is time to take back what is yours.
It is time to embody who you have always been and will always be.

The woman you came here to be. 

Dea e valle

Conscious of your power.
Surrounded by your energy.

And all that is necessary is to take a decision.
To say yes to your Goddess.
To honor her.
To give her attention.
To go out of your hideout.
Which feels tight.
But is familiar.
To take the first step towards your transformation.
And start moving the energies.

Moving towards your authenticity and radiance
Becoming more and more magnetic.

Dea sul lago

A step at a time.
Day after day.
Connecting to your sacredness.
At dusk and at dawn.

Reizia will remind you about that.

Crema giorno rivitalizzante con rosa canina

During your skincare routine.
With the nature of alpine plants spread on your skin.
Nurtured by the divine feminine energy.
Supported and encouraged by your inner Goddess.
And welcomed by your Divine Mother,