Essence of Dusk Ritual Kit

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The Essence of Dusk Ritual Kit Reizia acts at the physical and spiritual level, accompanying us through the end-of-day release of worries, the gratitude for the received wisdom and the invitation of tranquility for the night. While the face skin is purified and replenished with the most rejuvenating ingredients, the whole body is completely regenerated.

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Essence of Dusk Ritual Kit

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The Essence of Dusk Ritual Kit Reizia is composed of the hydrating cleansing milk, which removes the impurities and worries of the day, of the regenerating anti-aging night cream, which invites the energies of peace and quiet and donates the skin the most regenerating active ingredients, and of the nourishing body cream, which nourishes the skin and energetically reinforces the cells of the body.

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