Cyclicality: how to use cycles for our spiritual growth

How would our mindset change if we began to see life as cyclical and not linear?

How would our lives flow if we could internalize that everything has a beginning and an end, and that every end is a new beginning?

The concept of cyclicity is basic to a conception of life in which everything has a birth and a death. 

Everything flows and everything is received, both birth and death.

The cyclical nature of the earth’s seasons

By observing nature we see that everything is cyclical.

In the cycle of the seasons the seed goes through its cycle of birth and death. 

In each season the seed transforms into plant, flower, fruit, giving birth again to the seed.

Nature does not tend to cling to what has been or aspire to what is to come. 

Nature lives in the present. 

Each part of the cycle is both a beginning and an end.

One season ends and the next begins.

Each moment is an eternal beginning and an eternal end.

At the time of the Great Mother, when humans were in tune with the cycles of nature, each season of the wheel of the year was greeted with a celebration, while the season that was coming to a close was thanked and let go, with the knowledge that its cycle had ended and borne fruit. 

The natural cycle of the seasons, involving the death and rebirth of the seed, taught humans to live in a continuous cycle of death and rebirth of themselves, and to appreciate the gift of wisdom at the end of each cycle.

Cyclicality as a section of the growth spiral

Cyclicality is not just a repetition of things over and over again.

If we look at the cycle from a two-dimensional perspective, it is like a circle coming back on itself.

If we look at it instead from a higher point of view, three-dimensional in this case, we observe that the cycle is a section of a spiral.

But in the spiral we are also moving into the third dimension.

The third dimension indicates the evolution of the cycle.

This means that existence does not always repeat itself but makes a path, a progress, a growth.

The cyclical nature of life

Cyclical time flows independently of events.

Days, weeks, seasons, years, seemingly repeat themselves.

The seasons of life, the maiden, the mother, the elderly are stages in a cycle that we are conscious of experiencing only once. 

It is up to us to decide how to grasp the cycles of our life.

We can choose to know our cycles and flow with them, accepting the moments of stop and darkness.

Each season of the year, as well as each phase of our menstrual cycle, affects us physically and energetically. 

We flow best if we are in tune with the cycles of nature and our bodies.

Otherwise, we can choose to resist the transition from one cycle to the next, or force things, feeling inadequate at certain times in our lives.

How to use cycles for our spiritual growth

Each cycle, whether long or short, denotes the passage of time and is an opportunity to look back and reflect on one’s progress.

With each passing year, each change of season, we notice the changes that have occurred in our lives.

This reflection gives us the impetus to take new actions to move toward our goals. 

We can observe our life journey by considering the seven-year cycle.

Every seven years all the cells in our body renew themselves except those in the nervous system. 

Each seven-year cycle, therefore, changes us profoundly physically but also emotionally and spiritually.

The cycles give us time spaces, recurrences, that return and that we can use for virtuous activities that are good for us and that we want to have constant in our lives.

For example, going to yoga or to our coach once a week helps us stay on track and keep fit physically and spiritually.

There are activities we want to do once a month, such as visiting someone or getting together with friends, or going to the beautician or spa to take care of our well-being.

There are activities that we want to do once a year, which become true seasonal traditions.

Cycles then give us structures within which we can build our lives as it makes us feel good.

How to use cycles to act on our subconscious mind 

The Earth’s rotation cycle, which defines the 24 hours of a day, is also an important cycle because it allows us to work on our goals in short intervals.

Mantras repeated daily are powerful because they work on a subconscious level and give impactful results.

Rituals, that is, activities repeated with an intention, are also powerful because they are actions structured in our routine and thus in our subconscious, which have the particularity of connecting us to the divine and thus bringing the divine into our everyday life.

At Reizia Spiritual Beauty, the sacred rituals that accompany each jar of cream are designed to reconnect each woman to her inner Goddess cyclically at dawn and dusk.

At each stage of the day, the proper energies are invited to align with our essence, and this energy is enhanced with each cycle.

The power of rituals lies precisely in their daily cyclical repetition.

Cyclicality: how to use cycles for our spiritual growth