Spring equinox and the energies of rebirth

We welcome the spring equinox, the day when the balance between darkness and light is restored, and after which light becomes increasingly present.

For the traditional calendar today is the first day of spring, but for the Celtic calendar, which is based on light hours rather than weather, we are at the height of spring, which began with Candlemas or Imbolc.

Patches of pink, white, and yellow have already begun to paint the landscape, birds can be heard singing, and the sun is getting warmer and more present in our lives.

We begin to enjoy the long evenings of light, more and more each day.

Even those who hole up in the house during the long winter evenings are now beginning to go out in the evening.

Meanings and rites of the spring equinox

The spring equinox in ancient times was celebrated with festivals, rituals, dances and songs throughout the northern hemisphere.

This is the season of the maiden, of nature’s awakening, rebirth, the blooming of flowers, and the return of the swallows with their songs. 

It is the season of eggs and rabbits, symbols of fertility and rebirth, which later became symbols of Easter. 

The sun gets higher and higher in the sky and the earth, which was barren during the winter season, now teems with life. 

The new cycle begins again with renewed energy.

Equinox energies in our spirituality

We also feel more energetic in this season.

We have overcome the dark days of reflection and rest, and after descending deep within ourselves, we now regain our balance and open up to the outside world. 

This is the time of hopes and dreams.

We are ready to get to work on our projects and give space to our creativity, finally shaping our ideas and aspirations. 

We lay the seeds for the harvest to come.

We release all that blocks us.

Young buds and leaves beginning to unfold indicate that it only takes a moment to awaken from our long slumber.

Nature’s return to life inspires us to become beautiful, vital and radiant again.

Spring equinox and the energies of rebirth