The balance between celebration and introspection of the autumn equinox (Mabon)

Autumn equinox denotes the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. 

On this day, the hours of light are equivalent to the hours of darkness.

In this season, the balance changes and we move from summer warmth to autumn coolness.

The earth begins to recede.

Landscapes and colors change. 

A mix of energies  

The energetic shift is palpable. 

The energy of the autumn equinox is the energy of a moment of transition.

It is a mix of warm and cool.

Of gratitude and melancholy.

Of light and dark.

Of abundance and decline.

Of sociality and introspection.

Of celebration and retreat into one’s inner planes.

It is an energy of contrasting balances.

Celebrating autumn equinox  

The second harvest of the year has arrived. 

A third harvest, that of the Ancestor’s Day season, is still missing, so we do not feel complete yet.

Embrace Mother Earth’s bounty of these months and let nature have all she needs to sustain herself through the winter months. 

It is still time for celebration of the gifts we have received and for social celebrations.

Adorn your home with the fruits of the trees. 

Make preserves for the winter months, just as animals prepare to get through the winter.

Time for balance

In the season of the autumn equinox, we harvest what we have been working for all year.

Look at what you have harvested and whether you need to change anything to get a different harvest next year.

Give thanks for what the earth has given you.

In this season, we feel a little unbalanced because we have to deal with what has come to the surface to be resolved and released.

Take stock of your life. 

In the season of the autumn equinox, everything starts to become quiet again, so you can listen to yourself better. 

Let go of what no longer serves you.

And feel gratitude for the step forward you have taken. 

A season of thanksgiving and pause

The spring maiden who had transformed into the mother during the summer, in the season of the autumn equinox begins to acquire the wisdom of the elder. 

The transformation of the mother into the elder will occur only during the Feast of the Ancestors, when she achieves full self-awareness.

Now our gaze is turned toward the dark months of winter to come.

We prepare for the descent into ourselves.

It is not yet the actual descent, but a moment of pause in which we turn toward our inner self.

The autumn equinox is a time of pause in which we give thanks and celebrate for what we have received and prepare to descend into our inner planes for reflection.

The balance between celebration and introspection of the autumn equinox (Mabon)