The pleasure of being a woman


Do you remember

the ecstasy that you felt as a child

when you were chasing butterflies,

when you were smelling the perfume of a flower,

when you were building a house in the forest?

Do you remember

The emotion that you were feeling

when you saw the sea from the highway,

when you were building sandcastles,

when you found a beautiful shell?


Pure pleasure.



And then

you grew up.

And slowly

you turned off.

You have been turned off.

You were taught

to behave,

that is

to ignore your emotions.

You were taught

to put others before yourself.

They made you feel guilty.

And ashamed.

For being authentic.

For being yourself.

They made you feel inadequate.

They convinced you

to ignore your needs

to facilitate the life of others.

And when you reacted

they called you



You are resentful,


And then

you accepted it.

You are tired.



It is time

that you reconnect with your sacrality.

In a world

that shut you off and ignored you.

And does not even know that it broke you.

There is something wrong in a world

that takes the enthusiasm away from a child.


It is time

that you take your pleasure back.

It is time

that you give priority to your bliss.

Without any agenda.

Just enjoyment.

I can assure you

that it is in pleasure

that you will find the divine.

It is in pleasure that you will find

the Goddess that you are looking for

or you gave up searching.


Take your divinity back.

You have access

to an infinite source

of vitality,

a delicious river

of liquid honey

in which you can dive

in every moment.


Take an appointment with yourself.

Take your ecstasy back.

Feel the Goddess in your body.

The sweetness

of caressing your skin,

of taking a scented bath,

of savoring a tasty meal.

Free the pleasure

that your body gives you.

You do not need anything external.

Nurture yourself.

Nourish yourself.

You are humanly divine

and divinely human.

You are here to feel

the divine in your cells.

You are here to connect

with your infinite essence.

A source

that regenerates you

and fills every void.


Start to feel pleasure

in everything you do.

Pleasure is a choice,

in every moment.

The choice is yours

to get pleasure

from every action you do.

The choice is yours

to feel sacred.

The choice to flow.

It is your birthright

the pleasure of being woman.

The pleasure of being a woman