The magic of the ritual

Think about an action

that you do every day:

you drink your herbal tea,

you spread cream on your face,

you air the room,

you take a shower.

Now add an intention,

a meaning,

for example,

the nourishment of your body,

which is your temple,

taking care of your skin,

regenerating the energy of your environment,

purifying your temple.

All delighted

with pleasure and gratitude.

For the opportunity

to be alive,

to be human,

to be woman.

For your path,

day after day,

in which you let go

what does not serve you.

And welcome

what thrills you,

in a continuous rebirth

and expansion.

This little daily action

has become a ritual.

An occasion

to reconnect with your essence.

It is an instant,

it is a thought.

But in this instant

you become conscious

of your divinity,

of your human experience,

and of the privilege that it is

to live in your body

and be you.

The ritual

is your daily appointment

with yourself,

a micro-meditation,

a moment of pleasure,

an opportunity of connection.

The meaning

that you decide to give to your world

has the power to change it.

The same action,

done with intention

and feeling,

has a magical effect,

the effect

of reminding you

who you are.

You are sacred.

You are ancient.

You are unique.

You are here and now.

You are infinite.

You are you.

The magic of the ritual