The bright energies of the summer solstice

How I love the energies of the summer solstice!

June has always been my favorite month and solstice day, June 21, has always been a celebration for me.

When I was a young girl, I knew nothing about the wheel of the year and the ancient nature-related holidays of the pre-Christian period, but I used to share with my friends my enthusiasm for the longest day of the year

They considered me almost crazy, but so strong was my excitement and the energy I felt that I regarded it as a complement.

I felt the need to value this day, to celebrate together with the flowers in the long bright evenings, to appreciate this peak of energy and brightness.

It was already all within me, I was in harmony with nature.

Without knowing it and only guided by the energies I felt, I had connected with the ancient rituals of the time of the Great Mother.

I felt that I had reached the highest peak of energy and for that I felt gratitude. 

From the next day, I could feel the volume of the celebration lowering, I knew the decline of light had begun that would last six months, and I consoled myself with the long summer vacation.

Without knowing it, I was in tune with nature and ancient celebrations. 

The Goddess Reitia and the connection with our company Reizia

The Great Mother of the Reti and the Veneti, people of what is now northeastern Italy, was called Reitia.

It is in honor of her that the spiritual beauty company Reizia was born, whose pillars are divine feminine energy and alpine nature.

In today’s world, we need more than ever to realign ourselves with the seasons of nature, to tune our rhythms more cyclically, without expecting to always perform at our best.

The birth and death of the seed shows us how nature is not only concerned with always bearing fruit, but also resting the seed and caring for it for long months.

At Reizia, we offer a line of natural creams with meditations that supports women in just that, to connect with nature and take care of their spirit daily, like a seed that needs to be protected and cared for in order to give full expression of itself at the right time.

In the 8 seasons of the wheel of the year, the calendar used for 30000 years in Europe, Reizia brings to life the energies and symbologies of each season, accompanying women in their spiritual growth.

The symbologies and energies of the summer solstice

In the symbolism of the year as a woman’s life, at the summer solstice the maiden has become a mother, she is at the peak of her life.

She has already had many experiences but there are still many more to come.

She has attained a certain wisdom and is aware of what she no longer needs and what she needs to recognize and celebrate instead.

In the summer solstice season, we begin to reap the first fruits of our labor.  

Everything we have worked for in the dark months is brought to light and celebrated as nature explodes in a symphony of flowers, colors, fragrances and bird songs.

The sun, which is at its strongest, warms our hearts.

In this climax of light and energy we rejoice in life and are grateful and in communion with nature and the divine.

We honor the abundance of the earth and the successes of our lives.

The energy that is in everything permeates our bodies and raises our vibrations, nourishes our spirits, revitalizes us, and uplifts us.

We find it easier to be positive because of this natural energy support.

It is easier for us to smile and rejoice.

We find it easier to enjoy the beauty around us when everything is a teeming of colors and scents.

We love being outside the house because the first warmth of summer welcomes us and pampers us.

Summer is at its beginning and we are excited about it, many ideas are awakened in us and we make many plans for the summer season.

We are grateful for this new energy that the summer solstice brings us, and for the fruits that are coming in summer.

Summer solstice spiritual connection

In the summer solstice season, we feel connected with nature, we feel the prana flowing, we find it easy to be in communion with the divine.

We are naturally imbued with pleasure, which is our portal to the divine; it is a sacred state of consciousness that should be honored and respected.

We are able to access higher meditative states simply by sitting in the midst of nature.

We realize that we are already there, that we are already part of nature. We run on the green meadows stained with the thousand colors of flowers and need nothing, we are in ecstasy. 

The bright energies of the summer solstice