Spiritual beauty: the latest evolution of the beauty world

We saw in a previous article how spiritual beauty addresses the need of today’s women to reconnect with their spirit by providing a daily sacred space for reconnection.

Let us now see what physical characteristics creams must have to be part of spiritual beauty.

Trends in the conscious beauty world

But first let’s look at what characteristics spiritual beauty creams cannot fail to have. In fact, spiritual beauty is the evolution of several conscious cosmetics trends that have taken place in recent years.

Natural beauty 

Spiritual beauty is natural.

Natural beauty is the first step toward less chemical cosmetics, but unfortunately this is one of those marketing terms that are now meaningless as many conventional brands from large companies have exploited it to make their way into consumers’ homes.

It can simply mean that there are one or two naturally derived ingredients but all the others can be anything, even harmful and skin-damaging substances.

Spiritual beauty, on the other hand, is based on cosmetics with almost 100 percent natural ingredients, as the connection to the earth and the naturaity of the raw materials, which are possibly organic or biodynamic, is key.

Green beauty

Spiritual beauty is green.

When we put cream on our skin, many of us want to make sure that we are not using ingredients that are harmful to either our bodies or the earth. 

In a society where petroleum-based cosmetics are doing great, green beauty, or sustainable beauty, is born, that is, a type of cosmetics that is environmentally friendly.

Personal care product packaging is currently out of control in terms of the amount of waste generated.

And that’s just in terms of packaging alone, not counting the waste associated with ingredient sourcing, formulation and manufacturing.

A product defined as green, sustainable or zero-waste places an emphasis on eco-friendly production, transparent sourcing of ingredients to sustainable packaging.

It is essential that spiritual beauty products are sustainable, as a matter of respect for Mother Earth, the planet that is our host and with which we connect every day.

Clean beauty

Spiritual beauty is clean. Clean beauty refers to products that have high-quality, natural and effective ingredients that are free of harmful and potentially harmful substances.

The ingredient list (INCI) is ultra-clean, so it is completely harmless to the skin and the environment. In addition, it contains no animal-derived products, maintaining functionality for the skin due to the high technology used in its research.

Clean beauty is no longer a niche, artisanal product and largely considered less effective, but has evolved to one of the most valuable sectors of the industry with more effective, and clinically tested formulas thanks to biotechnology studies.

Conventional products are formulated with harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, dyes and plasticizers. 

These substances are added to make makeup and moisturizers stick longer to the face and to intensify fragrances.

Substances of this kind, however. can irritate the skin, causing redness, roughness, irritation and burning especially for sensitive skin. 

Clean beauty is free of carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and other questionable ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, phthalates, PEGs (polyethylene glycols), chemical sunscreens, and synthetic fragrances.

Some of these ingredients are definitely harmful while others are only suspect, and whether or not an ingredient may be problematic for the health may depend on the formulation in which it is included and its interactions with other ingredients.

Conventional beauty products are regulated, so they are not as harmful, and the not-so-good ingredients are only available in a percentage that is safe for use. 

However, continued exposure to certain substances could be harmful in the long run.

Clean beauty is also vegan, but vegan beauty is not necessarily clean, in fact by definition it does not contain any animal ingredients but may contain questionable synthetic ingredients. 

It is essential that spiritual beauty products are clean, as our body is our temple and we take care of it in the best way possible.

In spiritual beauty we take a path of spiritual growth, we learn to develop love for ourselves day by day.

Therefore, we cannot introduce harmful or questionable substances into our bodies, but only the best ingredients that the earth offers us. Clean beauty is the only way to nourish and safeguard the skin and the environment. 

Conscious beauty

Spiritual beauty is conscious.

Conscious beauty describes how people choose beauty products, based on their personal values.

In modern society, we often use products without knowing the impact they can have on ourselves and the environment. 

Conscious beauty makes sure we are doing good for ourselves and the planet.

Today’s consumers recognize that what they put on the surface of their skin has the potential to pass into their bloodstream and create lasting effects in their chemical composition. 

Conscious beauty incorporates the best of all worlds: ingredients that are clean, cruelty-free, meaning they are not tested on animals and have no animal ingredients, and sustainable.

Regardless of the formula or packaging, these products are designed to have a positive impact on our lives and the planet.

Conscious beauty is about making informed choices about one product over another, knowing as much as possible about its entire life cycle.

Whereas sustainable beauty is based on analyzing individual aspects of a product, such as the packaging or how an ingredient is harvested, conscious beauty takes a more global view.

Spiritual beauty is by definition conscious; we are aware of our spirit, our body, and our spiritual growth path, we are mindful and respectful of the earth in which we live.

Brands that call themselves part of conscious beauty are not always clean, but in spiritual beauty they need to be, as we are also aware of the energetic part of creams and not just the chemical and functional part for the skin.

We want to nourish the skin with more vital products that do not shield prana, which is the cosmic energy that is in all living things. We are beginning to be aware that many chemical creams are harmful not only on a physical level but also on an energetic level, and even take energy away from the body.

Spiritual beauty rituals should be done with clean products that allow prana to flow, or, as we will see later, take it a step further and bring energy to the body.

Holistic beauty

Spiritual beauty is holistic.

Holistic beauty takes a more comprehensive approach on the health of body, mind and spirit, which results in healthier and more radiant skin.

Thus, beauty care is not just an outward matter, but is a combination of exercise, nutrition, sleep and skin care.

With holistic beauty we are thus approaching the concept of spiritual beauty, in that it introduces inner well-being as a necessary step to outer beauty.

Despite this, holistic beauty products do not have any intrinsic additional properties compared to the other categories, but rather are placed in a more comprehensive context.

Spiritual beauty is by definition holistic, in that it addresses inner beauty as well as outer beauty.

Spiritual beauty

And here we are, finally talking about spiritual beauty

Spiritual beauty products, besides being sustainable, clean, conscious, and holistic, have an additional spiritual and energetic function beyond skin care.

They have a function of reconnecting to one’s spirit, one’s essence, a function of support in one’s spiritual growth, and also an energetic function. (See previous article on spiritual beauty as a support for meditation.)

In fact, spiritual beauty has a regenerative approach. Sustainable, clean and conscious beauty does not harm people or the environment, while spiritual beauty is a regenerative cosmetic choice, that is, one that has a net positive impact on people, the environment and living beings.

In the case of Reizia, the added value comes from two unique features of the brand. 

The first is the positive affirmations printed on the jars, which are a support for daily meditation, and attract the right kind of energy for that part of the day, realigning us energetically. 

The second is the divine energy infused into the creams, which is an energy support that penetrates our skin, and energizes our aura, which is our electromagnetic field, bringing radiance, well-being and healing.

Someone asked me if spiritual beauty has to be green and clean.

And if it was not possible to meditate using a conventional cream.

I’m not saying it can’t be done, using the cream moment as an opportunity to meditate is a good thing, but when a person is spiritually aware and awakened, they cannot ignore the consequences their behaviors have on earth and on her body.

One cannot embark on a path of spiritual growth with conventional cosmetics knowing that it is physically and energetically harmful to one’s body and the earth, and of the environmental damage that comes from using non-recyclable packaging.

Spiritual beauty must be in harmony with the planet and the body, both physical and energetic, so it is basic that it be green and clean. 

Spiritual beauty: the latest evolution of the beauty world