How to become more beautiful by taking care of your radiance

Have you ever wondered why some girls look beautiful without a definite physical explanation?

As if they have a light inside that makes them radiant?

Have you ever noticed how a woman became more beautiful with age?

Or how a shy, ugly teenager became a swan after only a few years?

Or conversely how stress and family commitments have an effect on the beauty of some women, who fade away under the weight of tasks?

Beauty is only partly due to physical outward appearance

We are used to considering beauty only as an outward appearance.

As a set of beautiful physical parts that together create a beautiful body and face.

There are thousands of beauty products on the market. 

Thousands of videos and tutorials explaining how to apply makeup or how to match colors.

Makeup works not only for outward change.

Seeing ourselves more beautiful also improves our mood, our self-esteem and thus our energetic and spiritual state.

So our radiance is not only due to the makeup but also to the emotional and energetic state that the makeup has brought.

We have an energetic double, the etheric body

Have you ever noticed that when you make sudden movements it seems that some of your energy is left where you were before?

In fact, in addition to the physical body we also have an energy double (or etheric body), which is the same as us but is made of subtle energy and not matter.

The ancient Egyptians were familiar with this etheric double, which they called the Ka, as well as the spirit, the Ba.

The Ka looks just like our physical body, but it is made of torsional (or toroidal) fields, or subtle energies.

Before a disease develops in the physical body, the “disease” develops in the etheric body, the Ka, in the form of energy imbalance.

The etheric body is thus connected with the physical body.

Our consciousness and emotional state interact with the etheric body.

Positive thoughts have a placebo effect.

Negative thoughts have the opposite effect, the nocebo effect.

The etheric body is affected by emotions and thoughts, the food you eat (which is composed not only of matter but also of subtle energies) and the energies of the environments where you are.

The energies and thoughts we are exposed to daily in our society tend to be negative.

Therefore, it is important to have a daily ritual of caring for your own radiance in your life to counteract the degenerating effect of negative energies.

Our inner state has an effect on your etheric body, which in turn has a direct effect on your physical body.

If your etheric body is radiant and vital, this radiance and vitality is reflected in your physical body and thus also in your outer beauty.

How to take care of your radiance 

We maintain our beauty by taking care of our inner state.

Positive thinking and gratitude have a positive effect on your radiance and thus also on your outer beauty.

In contrast, negative thoughts bring imbalance.

In our lives we unfortunately often find ourselves thinking negatively because we resist what is.

This leads us to develop emotional imbalances, illnesses and a slow fading of our beauty.

To keep our beauty as intact as possible, it is important to counterbalance destructive frequencies and have a daily routine of radiance care.

You can cultivate your radiance daily by reciting mantras or positive affirmations with high vibration words.

It is also important that you develop a sense of gratitude and practice it daily.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful positive emotions you have.

When you are in a state of gratitude, life’s obstacles no longer seem so great.

Reizia spiritual beauty has created beauty rituals in which each cream has a spiritual function of energy alignment as well as a physical function of skin care.

Reizia rituals help you create a beauty routine where you take care of your radiance and where you go to develop gratitude for your life and your body.

In this way you can go to work daily on your inner beauty right during the outer beauty routine.

Day after day you will see how your face and body will look more beautiful and radiant.

How to become more beautiful by taking care of your radiance