Energetic sessions and spiritual coaching

with Scientist to Priestess


The Authentic and Magnetic Woman Mentorship is a boost in your quantum power, an acceleration for change, magnetism and alignment to your essence.


When we walk we put one foot forward and take our back foot off the ground. When we consciously walk we decide where to put our front foot, following the direction we want to go, the direction our spirit points us towards, through our intuition and our emotions, towards our essence and authenticity. In our psycho-spiritual growth this corresponds to entering into our new story, visualizing the new version of ourselves, attracting the energies we want to impersonate, using the archetypes that resonate with us, manifesting our new life.


In the Scientist To Priestess Mentorship we learn to walk the Goddess Path, a psycho-spiritual journey toward the best version of ourselves.


To take the step forward, however, we must also learn to take our back foot off the ground. Getting off the back foot means releasing the previous version of ourselves, letting go of our old stories. It means loosening the energetic knots that anchor us to defense mechanisms that no longer serve us, releasing the emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that keep us small.

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Energetic sessions and spiritual coaching

Spiritual Mentorship – Authentic And Magnetic Woman

What is an authentic and magnetic woman?


The authentic woman is a woman in her own power,

guided by her own intuition,

divinely herself.

The authentic and magnetic woman does not ask permission to live,

she is the author of her own life,

she is in alignment with her own essence.

The authentic and magnetic woman does not derive her energy from others,

because she is connected to an inexhaustible source that is the divine.

She follows her intuition because the answers come to her from within.

The Authentic and Magnetic Woman is You – Alive, Free and Radiant.

The Scientist to Priestess “Authentic and Magnetic Woman mentorship” is a VIP experience,

one-on-one experience with Ilaria,

where you’ll immerse yourself in the inauthentic aspects of your life

and learn how to transmute them into a more authentic and aligned life, step by step.

The “Authentic and Magnetic Woman” mentorship is highly transformative:

You will learn quantum field-based manifestation techniques,

scientifically proven meditation techniques,

techniques for releasing subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs,

and many other resources,

all in a sacred container

and fully supported and pampered.

About me

Hi everyone! I’m Ilaria and I’m happy to welcome you to my site.

Why Scientist to Priestess? Because I am a scientist by profession, but my calling is to help people in their spiritual awakening.

I spent most of my life studying, and I was often in my head, I practically had my head disconnected from my body! I was anesthetized to emotions and lived in an inauthentic state dependent on external needs, therefore out of alignment, in which I felt imprisoned.

After a thousand vicissitudes and explorations of holistic and spiritual tools, I was able to find my authenticity and magnetize what I desired.

I can’t believe that the me of a few years ago thought that was life!

I was a globe-trotting scientist but the most magical exploration was within myself.

Now I offer energy and spiritual coaching sessions to women and men who desire to look inside and become the best version of themselves!

Energetic sessions, spiritual coaching and emotional alchemy

You feel it's time to:

- reconnect with your inner Goddess and live your divinity daily
- free yourself from blocks and old stories that are in your subconscious mind
- invite more pleasure into your life
- face your shadows and heal your wounds
- reconnect with your body and its power and wisdom
- put personal boundaries without guilt
- receive cosmic energies
- consciously connect to the quantum field and develop your intuition
- take back your power
- manifest and attract what you desire like a magnet
- apply the principles of quantum physics in your daily life, to create magic
- live the most sensual, divine, authentic and radiant version of yourself

In short, you're ready to take the quantum leap.

You're in the right place.