Mother Earth: the importance of grounding

We are all interconnected

Quantum physics tells us that it is not possible to isolate one body; it tells us that we are all interconnected.

Why do we continue to act as if we were all separate?

What would the world be like if we realized that we are all interconnected and part of nature? 

How much better off would we be if we were in resonance with our surroundings instead of in dissonance?

Mother Earth is alive.

We can begin to align with her.

Rooting with Mother Earth helps your spiritual growth 

Your feet sink into the soft, cool earth. 

Your body is kissed by the four elements: earth, fire, water and air. 

You connect to trees, forests, lakes, mountains. 

You connect to the goblins, fairies, gnomes.

You hear the animals running and populating Mother Earth.

You hear the songs of birds, which vibrate within you with a pleasant harmonic resonance.

You smell the scents of flowers carried by the wind blending into a mix of fragrances.

You realize that you are part of nature.

You realize that there is no separation between you and the scents of flowers.

There is no separation between you and the songs of the birds.

Somewhere in your body you resonate with them.

The resonance you feel in your cells makes you sense that you are connected.

You have not yet understood, but you have heard.

Mother Earth in modern society

In our modern society we have lost our connection with Mother Earth.

In urban environments there is little room for immersion in nature, while in rural environments there is overexploitation of the land, and pesticides are used that damage it.

We have stopped celebrating the cycles of nature, and the festivals of transition from one season to the next, though thankfully still present, have taken on another meaning.

We wear shoes all the time.

Rare are the moments when the sole of our foot rests on the earth and when an exchange of energy and information with Mother Earth is possible.

What we step on is paved and asphalt is everywhere.

We no longer grow our own food and forget to be grateful to the earth for its gifts.

Why connect with Mother Earth?

If we want to evolve spiritually, we have to start with Mother Earth.

We are on earth for a reason.

Spiritual paths that focus only on the high chakras do not take this fact into consideration.

We are in matter, and matter is as important as spirit.

There is no separation between spirit and matter; it is time for us to start seeing nature and all matter that exists in its spiritual guise as well.

If there is no rootedness to the earth, there will be no spiritual evolution.

If we do not have firm roots, we will not be able to stay anchored to the ground and at the first gust of wind we risk falling. 

It is important to have a practice of daily connection to the earth, also called rootedness, grounding or earthing.

We are electromagnetic and torsional fields and need to let energy and information flow into the earth and nature.

This contact is essential to rebalance ourselves naturally by discharging and recharging as needed.

We need to feel interconnected to the whole and feel that there are no boundaries of separation.

The more interconnected we are, the more open we are to what we consider external. 

The more we are aware that we are part of the whole, the more we are able to be in a state of peace, of joy, of high vibration.

Connection to Mother Earth helps us remember that we are part of the whole. 

It reminds us that we are here on earth, that we have her support.

It reminds us that Mother Earth cares for us, and we are worthy of her abundance.

It reminds us to be grateful to be here.

Daily connection to Mother Earth helps us to be concrete, and to manifest what we want in matter.

Awareness of being connected to Mother Earth roots us, and with firm roots it is possible for us to reach higher, just like a tree.

A meditation to foster grounding with Mother Earth

Rooting in Mother Earth can be done in different ways. 

The important thing is to put your attention on the earth, and go with your thoughts underground.

You can imagine golden roots coming down from your body, coming out of the root chakra or your legs, going into the earth and taking root very deeply. 

You can imagine yourself going down into the earth until you get to the center of the earth, which is Mother Earth’s womb where you can relax and rely on her. 

In this warm womb you can allow yourself to simply be, because Mother Earth is there to nourish, support and protect you.

Feel the nourishment of Mother Earth entering your body and you receive.

Feel gratitude for this energetic gift.

Grounding meditation to the earth is often accompanied by connection to heaven.

You can feel the energy coming from the stars enter your body and merge with Earth energy.

This is a powerful healing energy field.

In the days when people worshipped the Great Mother, which for the peoples of the Triveneto and ancient Rhaetia was the Goddess Reitia, priestesses would do this ritual standing with their legs open at the hip opening and their arms extended to the sky with their palms upward.

More material ways to connect to Mother Earth

The first way to connect to Mother Earth is to go into nature alone and without a cell phone, listening to nature and being present with it.

You can savor its scents and sounds, touching the plants and thanking Mother Earth for the sustenance she gives you, and feeling in union with the whole.

Walk barefoot if you can.

An ancestral and ritual way to connect with Mother Earth, useful if you cannot immerse yourself in nature, is to sprinkle your body with red ochre or clay or earth.

The chakra related to grounding to the earth is the root chakra, the first chakra, which is red. 

When working with the root chakra in meditation one can also encounter red-gold energy.

Other very ancient rituals of women are to offer their menstrual blood to the earth. 

Many women today use menstrual cups to collect blood, which they then use to connect to Mother Earth or smear it on themselves in rooting rituals.

Even sports practice, if done with presence, is a great way to ground oneself and feel the body.

Since red ochre and earth are not so practical to slather on yourself daily, the Reizia spiritual beauty brand decided to use vine sap, which comes directly from underground and is therefore perfect for grounding. 

In addition, vine sap is a powerful anti-wrinkle and its antioxidant properties are 62 times those of vitamin C.

Vine sap is therefore suitable for both beauty routines and grounding practice, and has been chosen for spiritual beauty practice.

Mother Earth: the importance of grounding