Support your meditation with spiritual beauty

Are you familiar with the concept of spiritual beauty? Probably not, because it is a newly born beauty concept.

Before we delve into this new way of taking care of one’s beauty, let’s take a step back and see what today’s women need.

The need for authenticity

Do you ever feel that you go from one action to another, from one role to another without ever having a chance to be authentic? 

Of going from the role of mother to the role of worker, to the role of wife…, without ever having a moment to dwell on who you really are?

Do you ever think that in recent years you have lost touch with your identity, your passions, your spirit? 

Do you feel that it is all about doing and showing, and there is never an opportunity to simply be? 

And in this constant whirlwind of things to do, if you have a spare moment, you fill it with activities, because doing nothing is wasted time….

The difficulty of meditating

The focus is always on the outside, never on the inside. 

You don’t stop to listen to yourself, to listen to the messages of your body and emotions. 

Probably, you have even anesthetized yourself to not feel anything, so you can do more things without being disturbed by those physical or emotional sensations that demand your attention.

You’ve heard about the beneficial powers of meditation and have tried several times to start meditating, but what to do with children who always interrupt? 

You have tried meditating at night in bed, but after two minutes you are already in dreamland. 

And early in the morning it’s not easy to get up. 

So, you forgot about it and meditation became something you will definitely do one day.

Moving away from your own center

And meanwhile you drag on, and your inner voice is screaming louder and louder, but you really don’t have time to listen to it, you already have too many priorities in your life! 

Some of your friends have already exploded, but you hold on, things will change. 

Instead, things get worse. 

And your life decides for you. 

And it presents you with a situation you can no longer ignore. 

You’ve gone too far from your center, and life events intervene to get you back on track.

And you realize that you should have listened to yourself more. 

You should have listened to your inner voice, your intuition. 

You should have taken care of your spirit, your inner energy, your needs. 

You should have gotten into the habit of meditating.

You can start now to meditate

The good news is that you can always start now. 

It doesn’t matter what situation you are in. 

You can start now to make space to care for your spirit, to care for your inner beauty.

 How, however, do you find a daily space to do this? 

Where to find support that takes you by the hand and helps you with the connection to your spirit?

The beauty routine!

The concept of spiritual beauty: beauty routine as a support for meditation

Here comes the concept of spiritual beauty

All women, even those who spend their days rushing from one commitment to another, take a moment in the morning and evening to take care of their skin.

Spiritual beauty uses this moment as an opportunity to connect to our inner selves. 

The cream moment is a physical, daily support that if done in the right way has great potential to realign us spiritually twice a day. 

It is not necessary to meditate for hours. 

But it is important to have a daily connection with our spirit, with our inner world.

The more we listen to ourselves, the more authentic we become. 

The more we pay attention to our inner world, the more we become aware of our needs. 

The more we give space to our spirit, the more assertive we become. 

It is a path of spiritual growth. 

Day by day we get closer to the best version of ourselves.

Spiritual beauty offers a daily moment of spirituality, meditation, a daily energetic support, thanks to the energy infused in the creams, positive affirmations and the atmosphere of natural aromas. 

A concentration of feminine energy, sensuality and magnetism that regenerates women by realigning them to their original nature, bringing them back into the flow and joy of the present moment.

Support your meditation with spiritual beauty