Intention turns routine into ritual

Did you know that intention changes the outcome?

Have you ever noticed that if you do the same action with a different intention, you will have different results?

If the intention of what you do is positive you are more likely to have positive results.

And if you repeat it daily, that intention is enhanced and you will have more noticeable results.

Difference between routine and ritual

Often in the beauty industry the terms routine and ritual are used interchangeably. 

Ritual is an attractive word because of its divine aura and high vibration.

And for marketing purposes it is applied to describe a sequence of actions, for example, the actions of the beauty routine.

But if the divine part is missing, if the positive intention is missing, this series of actions remains just routine.

What is a ritual?

Ritual, unlike routine, is instead a series of actions connected by a positive intention.

For example, to stay in the field of beauty, the intention connecting the steps of the beauty routine in the morning might be to have a day full of radiance and brightness.

In the evening, on the other hand, the intention might be to end the day in an energetically aligned way and to gather with oneself.

These two examples refer to the two rituals from Reizia, a company pioneering spiritual beauty, namely the Intention of Dawn Ritual Kit and the Essence of Dusk Ritual Kit.

A true ritual therefore associates a material routine with an invisible intention.

The invisible

Unfortunately, in today’s society, what is invisible and intangible is considered nonexistent or otherwise of little value.

Too bad that it is precisely in the invisible and immaterial that our spirit lies.

And the key to our life lies precisely in our spiritual growth.

To take care of our spirit we need daily connection, and this is done through the intention to connect to our inner self.

The intention 

And here the importance of the concept of intention begins to emerge.

Meditation is a time when we have the intention to connect to our inner planes.

Our energy goes where we direct our attention and thus where we put our intention.

It is often difficult to control where our mind goes and maintain a healthy daily meditation routine.

That is why it is important to create a structure that reminds us to connect daily to our spirit.

Reizia rituals for inner and outer beauty

Rituals serve as a structure for connecting to our spirit.

Reizia rituals are rituals applied to beauty routines, a new concept called spiritual beauty.

While you follow your beauty routine, in which various types of creams follow one another to give your skin the best appearance, in Reizia rituals each of these creams also has a spiritual, “invisible” function that acts on your spirit.

Each step of the cream routine corresponds to a step of energetic and spiritual cleansing or empowerment, acting on your inner beauty.

A true beauty ritual therefore includes both outer and inner beauty care.

A radiant and glowing face is given not only by the material part of the skin care products used, but also and above all by the vitality, brightness and radiance of the woman to whom it belongs.

Therefore, your inner beauty also has an effect on your outer beauty.

You can no longer separate the concepts of outer and inner beauty; you can no longer expect to treat only outer beauty.

To be beautiful, it is of paramount importance to take care of your inner beauty.

Intention turns routine into ritual