Grapevine sap regenerates the skin through its unique properties

Did you know that the radiance of the skin on your face is linked to the weeping of the vine?

A truly fascinating natural phenomenon that makes you realize how much female beauty is linked to nature and its gifts.

In fact, you must know that in spring the days begin to get warmer. The sun begins to warm the soil and the vine plant weeps

These tears that the plant produces are known as vine sap, a powerful natural facial stain remover.

For the plant, vine sap is a stratagem to heal “wounds” suffered from pruning cuts.

For us women, it is a powerful product for radiant and vital facial skin.

The properties of vine sap

The properties of grapevine sap

Vine sap is an unmistakable sign that the plant is starting its new life cycle again. 

It is water rich in mineral salts that the plant sucks up from the soil with great energy and impetus.

Through its roots it runs it up along its lymphatic system to the pruned shoots.

The leaking sap wets the cut part and slowly transforms. It takes on a firmer consistency and completely seals the wounds.

The valuable ally of our skin is this characteristic: the healing power.

The sap that rises from the depths of the earth to nourish the plant is rich in nutrients such as mineral salts, amino acids, saccharides, polyphenols, organic acids and auxins.

Also in this mix of natural ingredients is viniferin, a very powerful antioxidant that has been shown to be 62 times more potent than vitamin C.

Thanks to this natural ingredient, vine sap acts as a kind of youth reactivator: it restores skin radiance, helps brighten the complexion and homogenizes melanin production.

Basically, a powerful, all-natural stain remover for the face.

Vine sap day and night facial treatment 

Vine shoot extract is a powerful ally in our beauty rituals.

Because of these unique regenerative characteristics, we wanted to include grapevine sap in the formulation of many beauty products.

Reizia anti-aging brightening face serum, Reizia anti-aging eye serum, Reizia anti-aging revitalizing day cream, and Reizia anti-aging regenerating night cream are the most significant for their brightening and anti-aging effects for the face.

Together with the other natural ingredients, they improve the elasticity, density and hydration of the skin, giving a fresh and rested appearance.

Using grapevine sap in one’s daily beauty routine offers another valuable benefit: it allows for a powerful grounding exercise, or a moment of deep connection with Mother Earth. 

If you, like us at Reizia, embrace the philosophy of Spiritual Beauty, using vine sap that comes directly from underground within your own wellness ritual is a valuable support for immersing yourself in Nature and feeling the benefits of the Earth.

Grapevine sap regenerates the skin through its unique properties