Emotional Alchemy

Imagine yourself

responding kindly

but firmly,

respecting your wishes

without guilt,

and that you expound your point of view

without trembling.

You imagine yourself

strong and confident,


even when criticized.

Imagine yourself

as the attacks

slip away from you

like opinions

that do not concern you.

Imagine yourself

in your own power,

free to express yourself,

guided from within,

not from the outside.

But then,

when it’s time to behave

as you had imagined,

something doesn’t work,

your voice doesn’t come out,

the words of others

strike deep inside you,

they make you feel bad.

Anger rises up in you,

sometimes even tears,

and prevent you from communicating

with kindness and assertiveness.

And what comes out

is frustration,

it’s reaction,

it’s defensiveness.

Your message doesn’t come out,

you are not in your power,

even though

you had coldly pictured

another conversation.

You didn’t care about

the opinions of others.

Why on the spot

did they hurt so much?

The reason is

that inside you

an open wound

has been struck,

a wound created in childhood,

a trauma in your life.

A wound

that has not been healed,

a trauma

That has not been integrated.

The wound

is an emotion that you have repressed,

it is a blockage of energy

in your emotional body

that has not found expression

and is just waiting

to be heard.

It is still there

to give you a message,

to tell you that

are not supposed

to be treated that way or that

it was not your fault.

It is hidden

in your subconscious

and it shows up

in situations similar

to your original trauma.

Others are mirrors.

The exterior is a mirror of the interior.

You know

that their opinion

should not have the power

to affect you so deeply.

Sometimes you get hurt

even by strangers,

because of a word

you don’t expect.


you begin to take others

for what they are:

as mirrors,

as triggers,

as opportunities for expansion.

When you have failed

to behave

as you wanted to,

when you are left with

a knot in your throat,

look inside yourself

and see where you’ve been hit.

Stay with the emotion

until it gives you its message.

And the energy block

melts away.

And the stagnant energy,

which has been there for years,

comes out of the body.

This process

has to be repeated


thousands of times.

But I assure you that

this is the way

for your expansion

into the best version

of yourself.

The way

you can transform

the blocks of contracted energy

into waves of potentials.

Like an alchemist

who turns iron

into gold.

No to spiritual bypass.

Yes to emotional alchemy.

A deep work

within yourself.

You will cry,

you will return to the painful moments

of your life

and maybe you will return to them

over and over again.

I don’t promise you

that it is easy.

But I promise you

that it works.

Because then,

at some point,

the patterns change,

and you stop behaving

the way you’ve always done,

you stop getting hit

for things

that used to hurt you.

The you you imagined

will be the same

that you will embody in the moment.

Because the attacks

will not find fertile ground

to hurt you,

and indeed you realize

that they are not even attacks,

and instead of reacting

from the open wound,

you will respond

with kindness but firmly,

without guilt,

without trembling.

Because your wound

has been alchemized

and you know

that your truth

is worthy of being expressed

and respected.

And you are finally free

to be yourself,

the authentic self

and expanded,

free from blocks

and open wounds.

In your power.

In your energy.

In your essence.

Emotional Alchemy