Divine feminine

Dusk ritual

latte detergente con calendula

Cleansing milk to remove worries

While we wipe the hydrating cleansing milk Reizia to remove make-up and pollution that deposited on our skin during the day, and nurture our skin with the highest quality ingredients, it is important to do an energetic cleanse and remove the worries of the day in order to avoid taking them to sleep. 

The mini-meditation on the cleansing milk is focused on the removal of energies that do not belong to us, energies of other people, thoughts and worries. These low vibration energy forms have their own life and with this ritual we ask them to leave our body and our mind. 

After having rubbed the cleansing milk we instantaneously feel lighter and free from thoughts

crema corpo e rosa mosqueta

The night cream and the body cream to regenerate the skin

After having set ourselves free from what is not ours, it is time to regenerate our skin with the nourishing body cream and the regenerating anti-aging night cream Reizia. 

At the application of the creams at dusk, we invite the energies of calm, serenity, tranquility and regeneration with the mini-meditation printed on them. During the night we recharge our batteries, and it is important to do it in an environment of peace and quiet, after having removed all that does not serve us. We enjoy our pure essence. Thanks to the active ingredients contained in the natural creams, which are released in a slow way, the skin is nourished and hydrated during the whole night and we are surrounded by our own energy, connected with our spirit. 

The dusk ritual reminds us that we are Goddesses and initiates our moment of reflection, in which we move our attention within and explore more and more profound layers of ourselves.

Essence of Dusk Ritual Kit


The Dusk ritual kit is composed of the hydrating cleansing milk made with apple, marigold and aloe vera, of the regenerating anti-aging night cream with grapevine sap, red grapes, and yarrow, and of the nourishing body cream with sweet almonds, apple, and musk rose.