Authenticity is a choice

“But I can’t not go…”

“I can’t tell him so…”

“What can I do about it…”

“I had to swallow again…”

How many times have you said these sentences?

How many times did you not feel free to do what you wanted?

How many times have you acted like nothing happened when you were bursting inside?

How many times did you keep quiet for the sake of “being good”?

These are all examples

in which you were not authentic.

For very good reasons.

But in all cases

you went against your wishes.

You silenced your inner voice.

You put yourself in second place,

after someone else.

You felt trapped.

But what if I told you

that there is a way out?

And you can create it,

one step at a time.

Because AUTHENTICITY is a choice

It is the choice to stop and look inside,

to look your shadows in the face,

to understand your patterns,

to dig into your traumas,

to be with your emotions,

to stop pretending and bypass,

to do the work.

And start co-creating your reality,

to rediscover your true essence,

to find your authentic self,

to find yourself,


under all these layers

of defense mechanisms,

of energetic blockages,

which you learned

since you were a child

to please others,

to be accepted

because you had to be a good girl,

then a good employee,

then a good wife,

then a good mom.

It never ends.

There is always some role you have to play.

And a facade to maintain.

Because you can’t lose your job.

Because you can’t abandon your child.

And mess up your whole life.

Of course.

You are right.

But what if I told you

that little by little

if you change inside, the outside changes too?

The inner reality influences the outer reality.

“The observer influences the observed”

quantum physics tells us.

And if you do the work

a little at a time

things change

And you will not find yourself

having to make so many inauthentic choices.

The universe always comes to your rescue.

Unless you have to have that experience.

For your expansion.

It is either a victory or a lesson.

And if you do the work

your new normal changes,

get out of the old stories

and enter new ones of your choice.

Aligning yourself

you start attracting a different reality

Because what acts as a magnet

for your experiences

is your subconscious mind.

It is in the subconscious

that your shadows dwell.

And when you learn about them

and understand their origin,

you discover that they are emotions

blocked for a long time,

even for years,

and you discover

that they are just messengers,

and now they have delivered the message.

The energy node dissolves,

stagnant energy is released,

your vibration shifts

And you take a little step forward,

toward your authentic self,

which is your essence,

cleansed of energy blockages,

the emotional blocks

that you have accumulated throughout your life.

And step by step

your essence comes out into the open,

alchemy after alchemy,

and now you are aligned,




More expanded,

more wave and less particle,

with infinite quantum possibilities,

which can be manifested

in each and every moment.

Take back your power,

your magic,

your authenticity,

and begin to impersonate

the Goddess you truly are.

Authenticity is a choice